Transforming global logistics through blockchain enabled solutions

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Fr8 Carrier Lookup

Safety and Compliance with Ease

Is your business still operating manually? Tired of paperwork, phone-calls, and regulation filings?

Make things easier for your team. Built for logistics professionals, Fr8 Carrier Lookup is the first tool of the Fr8 Marketplace that provides you with the information you need, the way you need it.

Fr8 Carrier Lookup BETA is now available.

Global Logistics is a massive industry estimated to be worth $15.5 trillion by 2023

The global supply chain consists of a complex network of stakeholders across industries, geographies and functions. Logistics is an intricate and crucial component of supply chain referring to the management and coordination of the flow of goods from the point of origin to destination.

Houston, we have a problem…

Friction and inefficiencies in the highly fragmented global freight and logistics market result in significant revenue loss, opportunity costs and increased expenses for all participants


of gross revenue is spent on logistics, for major manufacturers


of a shipment’s cost is spent on paperwork due to a lack of transparent coordination

$140 Bn

is tied up in payment disputes everyday

A coordinated solution: The Fr8 Protocol & Marketplace

A decentralized protocol layer that defines the rules and connectivity for communication and data management between logistics applications. Allowing any permissioned system to connect to the same data set as the single source of truth creates seamless coordination and information flow among stakeholders.

All shipments share common components throughout their lifecycle. The Fr8 Protocol is designed around these core requirements, meant to cover any shipments specific needs.




Roll over each layer to find out more details.


Roll over each layer to find out more details.

The Application layer

Binds services together with application-specific logic for powerful Apps

The Service Layer

Connects applications with interface APIs for specific needs like EDI and Payment processing

The Interface Layer

Modular APIs for reading and writing data between Fr8 Protocol. Interface layers include: Document, Data Query, Inspection, Transit Data, Payment and Notification Interfaces.

The Permissions & ID Layer

Wraps the TD Core in blockchain-backed, enterprise-grade access control logic

The Transport Document Core

Consists of smart contracts and additional logic, acting as the air traffic controller of a shipment over Fr8 Protocol




We can’t do this alone

Fr8 Network Partners include logistics and technology product experts and high-quality service providers who collectively create more cohesive solutions for our end-users.

OpenPort, Asia’s only multi-national digital logistics provider, will utilize FR8 Token to incentivize stakeholders on their platform and connect their transportation management tools to the Fr8 Protocol.

Fr8 Network has an ongoing partnership with general merchandise distributor Lewisco Holdings that is developing applications with Fr8 Network to reduce friction in distribution networks through a trucking marketplace that allows them direct connection to carriers and track and trace of their goods.

Fr8 Network is the first and only blockchain logistics partner on the Salesforce AppExchange. As an ISV partner, companies already shipping with Salesforce can plug directly into the Fr8 Protocol. delivers smarter and faster data integration via their cutting-edge Supply Chain Connectivity Platform. Their fully managed integration services allow Logistics Service Providers, Shippers, and Technology Firms to work together more efficiently under one umbrella. Specialties include Supply Chain Visibility, Blockchain, as well as complex client integrations.

Border Buddy is a customs broker providing online solutions for anyone fed up with being buried in duty and tariff paperwork. Border Buddy simplifies the cross-border retail experience with seamlessly integrated online solutions for both web-based businesses and shoppers.

“Ecogistix makes a complex world of food chain traceability simple. Ecogistix helps farmers and distributors trace their products all the way to the origin of the first root. Eco in Ecogistix not only stands for the sustainable world of the agro supply chain, but also for bringing ecosystem balance between farmers and end consumers.

Cargomatic understands the challenges of local trucking and is dedicated to creating new solutions with technology. By seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers through their web and mobile apps, Cargomatic is helping truckers grow their businesses and shippers track their freight in real time.

The Roambee Corporation is an “Internet of Things” supply chain and enterprise asset visibility company.
Roambee is pushing the boundaries on real time visibility of assets and goods outside the four walls of global enterprise with patented hardware and software technology combined with an array of sensor data, proprietary analytics, predictive reporting, and open APIs.

Blockdaemon is a Nodes as a Service platform that empowers businesses to simply and efficiently manage blockchain applications. Blockdaemon builds blockchain ecosystem orchestration tools that ensure that your network is decentralized and efficiently managed. Outside node participants will be able to connect to the in minutes, and don’t have to worry about software upgrades or any continuous dev-ops needs in order to retain a connection to the

The Fr8 Marketplace
Fr8 Network is building accessible blockchain-enabled solutions for shippers, carriers and brokers to support their continued growth and success. Our focus is on providing tools, resources and data previously only available to the largest players, beginning with the Fr8 Marketplace.

Fr8 Go

The mobile carrier app for drivers to write directly to the blockchain

Fr8 Board

Provides full visibility into capacity, pricing and reputation for booking shipments

Application Integration

Browser extensions and Fr8 APIs allow plugging into existing enterprise apps

We’re starting with U.S. Trucking
Adoption of the Fr8 Protocol will be supported by the development of a state-of-the-art digital brokerage that will connect shippers with carriers using the protocol as the back-end system.
The first target market for the Fr8 Marketplace is the U.S. Freight Market, specifically the $800BN trucking industry and $64BN brokerage market. Our focus is on providing the same tools to small and mid-sized U.S. trucking businesses that were previously only available to the largest players.
Our Goals

The Fr8 Marketplace programmatically connects shippers and carriers in a transparent, distributed, peer-to-peer story.

  • Minimize the 30 billion partially and entirely empty miles driven annually in the U.S.
  • Remove the information asymmetry brokers profit from
  • Redistribute profits from a usurious trade finance market
  • Incentivize trust in a perilous market by building open, blockchain-locked reputation scores
  • Eliminate common fraud and double spending
Token Utility
Following the standard Discount Token model, the cost for a growing number of services offered by Fr8 Network and others will be available for a discount of their full price by employing FR8 Tokens.

Token Overview

  • Symbol
  • Total Tokens
  • Price Per Token
  • Fundraising Goal
  • Token Sale Date
    Q1 2019

Token Allocation

  • Crowd Sale / Private Sale
  • Ecosystem
  • Team
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  • Marketing
Fund partners

Built by industry experts

Fr8 Network consists of a team of award-winning developers, blockchain experts and Fortune 500 shippers.

  • Sloane Brakeville


    Launched IBM’s blockchain business unit, created proof-of-concept cases for Fortune 500 clients such as Bank of America & HSBC. Previously, a consultant for Salesforce CRM development and an iOS mobile app developer.

  • James Allen Regenor

    Chief Solutions Officer

    Former Deputy Executive Secretary during Bush & Obama Administrations and Veteran Air Force Commander of the 521st Air Mobility Operations Group responsible for annual transport of 1.2 million passengers, 39,000 flights and 540,000 tons of cargo.

  • Roman Tykhovsky

    Tech Lead, Fr8 Protocol

    Co-founded 5 technology companies in the past decade. 20+ years developing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, cloud-based platforms and blockchain solutions. Previously, Lead QA Engineer for Singlehop, an IT infrastructure & cloud computing provider

  • Brad Tipper

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Experienced private equity and hedge fund marketing professional. Oversaw marketing at MidOcean, a $10BN PE and Credit hedge fund manager. Previously, at Och-Ziff (NYSE: OZM) a $50BN global asset manager at peak.

  • Allen Wazny

    Chief Financial Officer

    CEO/COO at Solarnity & Pitchbook, blockchain-based projects that enabled expertise in SaaS revenue models & token mechanics. Previously, CFO & VP for multiple oil and energy companies in Russia, Dubai and Qatar

  • Shankhri Balaji

    Director of Marketing & Community

    Led finance & operations at Arcane Reality, VR/AR consulting studio, and large- & small-scale event planning and execution at Rutgers University.

  • Michael Zargham

    Token Economist

    CEO of Blockscience & Systems Engineering PhD with a focus on optimization and control of decentralized systems.

  • Matt Barlin

    Research Engineer

    MIT-trained Data Scientist & Engineering Consultant with specialties in developing the mathematical constructs behind crypto economics.

  • Jonathan Fox

    Co-Founder, Maximalist
    Distribution & domestic logistics expertise
  • Scott Nelson

    CEO, Sweetbridge
    Global logistics & blockchain expertise
  • Konstantin Richter

    CEO, Blockdaemon
    SaaS B2B & blockchain expertise
  • David Olson

    VP, WiPro
    Global energy & utilities expertise
  • Monty McCallum

    Innovation Lead, BorderBuddy
    Freight technology expertise
  • Zeid