Intersection of logistics
technology and design

Our Story

Fr8 Network was founded in late 2017 by a duo
who understood the power of blockchain technology to solve
problems with extreme waste in the logistics industry.

CEO Sloane Brakeville, a founding member of IBM’s
blockchain labs, merged his technical blockchain
development background with co-founder Jon Fox’s supply
chain/logistics expertise having moved over $1 billion in
food stuffs over his 20 year career.

Fr8 Network was born out of Sloane and Jon’s desire to
change what they viewed as a truly unfair, inefficient and
outdated logistics industry and create accessible solutions
that would benefit stakeholders being cheated out of fair
revenue and payment terms.

After conducting significant research with analysts and core
team members, the real solution became greater than
simply alleviating issues within the United States trucking
industry. They needed a solution that would not only touch
each leg of a shipment’s journey from manufacturer to
consumer, but also one that was global.

Blockchain offers significant benefits to many industries but
is expected to truly transform supply chain and logistics.
With transparency, security, and trust at the forefront of this back-end technology, our team is very excited to pair it
with other emerging technologies in the future, such as
Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles, and
more, in an effort to truly make collaboration possible among
people and businesses.